Health is our most precious wealth, I hope you agree
No doubt, health is the sweetest fruit of our life’s tree.
Money is certainly important, and so is social prestige

But it is a good health that is the source of a constant bliss.
You may have the money to tour the world, but can’t if your health does not permit
You can buy all the food of the world, but your bad health will not let you eat.
You might have huge honor in the city, with everybody bowing before you

But you will fail to enjoy it, if you regularly develop health problems new.
In this way the bad health will always play a serious bar
In the way of your enjoying what you have, wealth, house or car.

On the other hand the good health is a source of constant happines
That will automatically turn your life into one of charm, pleasure and grace.
Take good care of your health, and develop a body that is sound and strong

And ensure a life that is happy and charming, besides being long.

- Raja Basu

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The 4 Stages in the Progression of Gout

Gout is a condition typically caused by elevated levels of serum uric acid, although not always. There are four stages in the development and progression of gout. An understanding of these stages can help reduce the risk of developing gout or assist in the management of already-developed gout.


The first stage in the progression of gout is known as asymptomatic hyperuricemia. People in this stage of gout often don’t even know they are in it, because there are no symptoms, as the name suggests. It is also important to note that many people with asymptomatic hyperuricemia will not develop full-blown gout. For those who do go on to develop gout, it can take up to 20 years of elevated serum uric acid for the first acute gout attack to occur. Generally speaking, the risk of gout development gets higher with higher levels of serum uric acid.


The second stage in the progression of gout, acute gout, is characterized by the first acute attack of gouty arthritis, which usually occurs between 40 and 60 years of age. The joint most often affected in this initial attack is the first metatarsophalangeal joint of the big toe. Acute attacks are characterized by sudden inflammation in the affected joint, sometimes occurring as quickly as overnight.


Symptoms of inflammation are swelling, pain, heat and redness. If left untreated, these symptoms usually last about a week, peaking at 1 to 2 days after onset. With treatment, relief can be had in as little as 24 hours. Treatment typically consists of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids and/or colchicine.


This is the point at which gout is normally diagnosed. Diagnosis is made using a Gout legcombination of symptoms, blood work to determine serum uric acid levels and possibly even tapping the joint to examine the synovial fluid for urate crystals.


The third stage in the progression of gout is called intercritical, or interval, gout. Gout is known to flare up, go away, and then flare up again. The time between attacks is the intercritical stage of gout. This stage can be any length of time from one to 10 years. If gone untreated, gout attacks become more and more intense and come more and more frequently. With time, this can result in degeneration of the affected joint, so it is important to prevent attacks from recurring.


The final stage in the progression of gout is chronic tophaceous gout. If not stopp


ed, uric acid crystals can build up to the point of tophus formation. Tophi, cauliflower-like growths around the joints, are not dangerous or painful in and of themselves, but they cause inflammation and deformities in the affected joint along with persistent pain. In this stage of gout, the acute attacks get closer and closer together until there is no time between them at all. This results in constant inflammation, pain, swelling, heat and redness in the joint, increasing the risk of permanent and irreversible joint damage and arthritis.

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Green Coffee Ultra Review and All The Benefits!

It is important to note that no matter how healthy we are, at times we just feel like we need to lose a few pounds just to maybe get rid of those love handles or to feel better about ourselves.  When this happens we often wonder what the best thing we can use to get rid of those pounds that are weighing us down.

I’d like to share with you here just what it is that I used to help me shed a few extra pounds that were bothering me.  First of all, after watching Dr Oz one day, I discovered that Green Coffee Bean Extracts were the best way to lose weight. OK, so with that knowledge, I needed to find the best Green Coffee bean extract on the market. After doing a lot of research and checking out a lot of brands of green coffee weight loss items, I settled on Green Coffee Ultra and there were several reasons why.

But before I get into why it is the best green coffee extract that I found, let me tell you about myself. I am a little over weight. I’m not huge, but I could lose a few (or more :-) ) pounds. I’m embarrassed to go to the gyme and take my clothes off in the locker room. I usually cover up with a towel, so people don’t see my fat rolls.

Anyways, instead of going into how I felt about my body, I want to tell you that this stuff helped me a lot. After 2 weeks on it (that’s right, I’ve only been taking it for 3 weeks) I lost 12 pounds. For me, that’s huge! I don’t know when the last time I lost that much weight, ever! The gym didn’t work, dieting didn’t work, but Green Coffee Ultra did!

So, why is it so great? What makes Green Coffee Ultra the best green coffee bean extract available?

First of all, unlike many of the other weight loss supplements, Green Coffee Ultra is an all natural product and made from only the finest ingredients.  These ingredients are blended perfectly to make the most of your weight loss efforts and they have been tested to assure that you are getting the maximum results for the money you spend.  It is made from 100% Green Coffee Bean extract and contains no harmful fillers or unnecessary ingredients.  Green Coffee Ultra is manufactured right here in the good old USA in a facility that is FDA registered and even most doctors recommend it for weight loss.

Second, Green Coffee Ultra is endorsed by doctors, even by Dr. Oz himself, and that is saying a lot about a product.  A team of doctors found the purest green coffee with the most chlorogenic acid to help support your weight loss goals and make sure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your weight loss supplement.  No corners were cut and no fillers were used so you know you are getting a product that will give you the help you need while you are trying to lose weight and do it naturally.  This whole thing is, after all, about losing weight.

Third, I only need to take one capsule as compared to two of the other capsules to get the results I want to help me lose the weight that I want to lose.  That’s only two pills every single day!  With the others, I would have had to take four pills every day.  A lower dose equals bigger and better results and I’m all for that!  Remembering to take the two capsules a day is much easier than trying to fit in four capsules and I’m getting better results on top of that.  Nothing could be easier.  Are you starting to see all the benefits that I found while doing my research?

Fourth, the price is right for helping me to lose weight.  Not only am I taking half of the pills that others want me to take, I’m doing it in the most cost effective way.  So, I’m losing weight and I’m saving money too.  Bonus for me!  And for you if you go with Green Coffee Ultra!  You only take half the amount of pills so you buy fewer pills saving you money when you shop.  That in itself is a great benefit for me and my family.  Lose weight, save money, feel better all the way around.

Fifth, Green Coffee Ultra really does work.  A lot of people don’t always think that something that is all natural can actually work, but in this case my friends, it really does.  There are no two ways about it.  Green Coffee has been tested to reveal that it is extremely effective for helping those who want to lose weight.  It is a healthy alternative to those who don’t want to take diet pills because of the side effects, but also because in the end, they probably are not going to work anyway.  But here, you have a product that has been tested and has been proven to help you lose weight.  It works with your body to help you lose weight and there is no doubt that it does work for you.

Last, but certainly not least, Green Coffee Ultra is not only helping me lose weight, it has many other added benefits besides that.  It’s just good for my body overall.  Let me explain.  Green Coffee Ultra can also help with my blood pressure.  Clinical studies have been done that show that chlorogenic acid helps lower blood pressure, both diastolic and systolic and with no side effects and with the body mass index and pulse rate staying the same.  In addition to lowing blood pressure, it was also shown in studies that those who take chlorogenic acid are also less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

So, there you have it folks.  With Green Coffee Ultra, you are getting a weight loss supplement that is all natural, endorsed by doctors, needed only two times per day, is priced for any budget, is effective and helps your body function better overall.  You simply cannot go wrong with Green Coffee Ultra!  Try it today and start on your weight loss road.  I know that you’ll be more than happy with the results you see.  I know that I am!

What is Exergaming?

Exergaming (although I’m not sure it’s a real word, but it is a real activity) is rather than sit on the couch now and play those awesome video games, game companies have come up with a way to help you get active as you play those games.  They range from golf to bowling, from dancing to real exercise programs.

If you love to play video games this is the thing for you to get up off your tail and start moving along to your favorite activity.

• Golf – Play along with someone else in your house or just play alone.  Either way you can have a great fun swinging that golf club and practicing your putting for that next Saturday game.  Play with such greats as Phil Mickleson or Tiger Woods; the possibilities are endless and the fun never ends.  And you can even play in the rain!

• Bowling – Is bowling more your style?  If so, there is a game for that.  You can bowl with a number of people and watch those strikes add up.  The fun is great and the competition even greater!

• Dancing – Do you prefer to shake that groove thing?  If so, there are “games” for that.  You can dance along to your favorite music and learn the latest and greatest dance moves.  Or you can listen to some of the oldies that got many people on their feet in the past.  No matter what type of music you like, there is something for you.

• Yoga – There are yoga “games” that let you follow along while you learn the newest or the oldest yoga moves.  Relax and enjoy your time with your tube while gaining new found muscle in your body.

• Exercise – Is plain old exercise more your style?  Guess what, they have a game for that too.  Just follow along to the normal crunches, jumping jacks, or even leg lifts and you will feel yourself getting into shape while enjoying the game at the same time.

The best part about any of these is that you can do them anytime you want to, no matter what time of day or night.  You can do them when it’s raining or do them when it is sunny outside.  No matter which one you choose to do, just pick something and go with it.  Or if you’d like, pick several and play until your heart is content.  Exergaming is the next best thing!

Try Tea for Bad Breath!

If you are one of the many people who suffer from bad breath, otherwise known as halitosis then you should try one of the more unlikely remedies for it!  You know how embarrassing it can be and bad breath is a bear to get rid of, but it can be done.  Quit wasting your time on those over-the-counter products that make your mouth feel worse than it did before and try some tea!

It might sound crazy but it is a fact that tea can help those who suffer from bad breath.  It is all natural and effective and you can rid yourself of the embarrassment of opening your mouth to talk to others because the bad breath will be gone.

Hang on to Your Money

No more wasting time or money on products that done work.  Bad breath is a result of rapidly growing bacteria on your tongue and in the pockets of your gums.  The bacteria will give off a sulfurous like smell that result in halitosis (bad breath).  Over-the-counter products don’t work because they don’t work to fix the problem; they only work to cover up the problem.

In order to be free from bad breath it is suggested that you try drinking black tea.  It will help control the plaque in your mouth which keeps the bacteria from growing.  If you don’t have plaque then the bacteria can’t grow so there is no bad breath to have to deal with.

How Does Tea Work?

Studies have shown that polyphenols that are found in some tea will help keep the foul smelling bacteria from growing.  This can also help with colds, infections in the throat and some dental issues you might encounter.

With the many benefits, why aren’t you drinking tea?  You probably didn’t know that something that is all natural and has no negative side effects could be helpful in preventing bad breath.  And now you know that it also helps keep other conditions at bay so that the body will stay healthier longer.

Continue Good Dental Hygiene at Home

Do not take drinking tea as a sign that you can stop practicing good oral hygiene.  The two together will work hand in hand in order to keep plaque and bacteria under control.  It is important to continue to brush and floss your teeth regularly and continue with your regular dental check-ups.

So, start drinking that tea today to prevent dental issues later and to stop that annoying bad breath that you have.  You will feel much better about yourself if you do!

Why Should You Take Vitamins?

Our bodies need certain vitamins to help them perform the way they should.  If our diet is low in these vitamins then the body will suffer and will not perform to its full potential.  So taking a vitamin supplement is important when diet alone is not taking in the necessary vitamins that our bodies need.

Below are some vitamins that the body must have in order to keep from eventually breaking down and not functioning:

• Vitamin A – Vitamin A is necessary to manage cell development, teeth and promote bone development, and helps to boost the immune system of our bodies. It is necessary for healthy skin and good vision while improving the healing ability of the body. Vitamin A is found in foods like liver, fish oils, butter, eggs, and yellow and green fruit and vegetables.

• Vitamin C – Vitamin C promotes healthy skin, muscles and bones.  It can also help protect our bodies from viruses and other allergies.  It can also help to lower cholesterol as well as aids iron absorption.  Vitamin C is good for your gums and teeth and can help with the healing of wounds.  Vitamin C can be found in foods such as tomatoes, green peppers, fresh fruits and potatoes.

• Vitamin E – Vitamin E helps with the absorption of iron, fertility and the aging process.  It can also aid in preventing blood clots and helps produce red blood cells.  Vitamin E can be found in foods such as nuts, eggs, green leafy vegetables and sunflower seeds.

• Calcium – Calcium is extremely important for healthy bones and teeth.  Children should drink lots of milk to help maintain a healthy balance of calcium in their bodies and older adults should take a calcium supplement if they don’t get enough calcium as it can help with osteoporosis.  Calcium can be founds in foods such as milk, cheese, and other dairy items.

With our active lifestyles and our busy lives it isn’t always to eat healthy so taking a vitamin supplement is important for your body.  Live the life you want to live, but make sure you are getting the vitamins that you need daily.

Do you Swim for Good Health?

Now that summer is here the pools will open and people will start to flock to them for a little relief from the heat.  But did you know that swimming is one of the best forms of exercise that you can practice?  It is good for your body to help stretch it out as you swim and it is easy on the joints.

Swim for your muscles

There are so many different styles of swimming so you can switch it up to work on different parts of your body and on different muscles throughout the body.  Not only is swimming healthy for the body, it can also be the relaxation technique that you need to help free your mind.

Swimming helps to develop strong muscles, works the cardiovascular elements and endurance.  If you generally run for exercise, swimming can help to take the strain off of your body and joints and you get to enjoy the sunshine (with your sunscreen on, of course).  Swimming is a relaxing exercise and you don’t even have to work very hard at doing it.

Swim for your heart

Swimming can help keep your heart rate up while little effort goes in on your part.  You can glide through the water using your arms, legs, or one or the other and not feel that a huge strain is being put on your body.

Water aerobics are a fun type of exercise also.  You pushing against the weight of the water can be extremely exhilarating and you are having fun doing it.  You can bond with other people when you take a class and these are the same people that you can meet at the pool every day to do your daily swimming exercise routine.

If you have a regular work out session that you normally do, use the pool to warm up for your regular routine.  Swimming will help relax your muscles so that you don’t strain any muscles or joints during that routine.

Swim for your health

The health benefits from swimming are numerous and after every session in the pool, no matter what you do there, will be relaxing and will help build muscle and endurance for your other activities.  If you don’t have an outdoor pool in your community, look around for an indoor pool.

No matter what you choose to do with swimming, indoor or outdoor, the exercise that you will receive are well worth slipping into that swim suit.

Exercise and You!

Exercising can be grueling if you are a person who simply doesn’t like to exercise, but if you do decide to exercise the benefits will pay off three-fold for you.  You will look better, feel better and be healthier overall.  Isn’t that what we all want?  Below are some tips to help you get started with an exercise program and help you understand some of the basic steps to take:

Exercise is good for the body…

Before you even begin any type of exercise program or regimen figure out what your goal is.  Are you working to take weight off or just to tone up your muscles or both.  Decide what your weight goal is and how tone you want to be and work toward that goal.  If you don’t have a goal, chances are good that you will fail.  Make sure you have something you want to work toward.

Warm up before you do any kind of exercise at all.  Start with some stretches for your legs, arms, and back.  The more relaxed you are before you start your exercise plan, the better you will feel during your exercise and the less chance there is for injuring yourself.

Build your own exercise plan; do what works for you and your body shape so that you never overdo it and never injure yourself.

Start slowly with an exercise plan.  Don’t just map out a lot of cardio and ab exercises and expect to work each day for 30 to 45 minutes.  Begin with slow or beginner type exercises and work your way up.  You don’t want to chance an injury and your body will perform better if slowly led up to a hearty workout session.

To help get you moving, put on your favorite music and dance to the beat.  This is a good way to get warmed up for any exercise routine and will keep you moving while running, walking or doing any type of exercise.  It can also help to put you in a good mood.

Start out with about 3 days per week and work up to whatever your goal might be.  Some people work out 3 days and some work out 7 days.  It’s entirely up to you, but don’t try to do 7 days of intense workouts at the beginning.  More than likely you will become burned out and not want to continue the exercise plan at all.

Cool down after each exercise session.  Slowly stretch your neck muscles, back muscles and if you have been running, slow down to a walk and then some leg stretches.  This will keep your muscles from becoming stiff after you exercise.  Your breathing and heart rate need a chance to slow down to a normal, regular pace again.

Make the time to exercise; it is well worth the investment!

Review Time! My Review of YeastClear

If I had to recommend any solution that really works well at eliminating bad yeast from the body, I would recommend YeastClear without batting an eyelash. YeastClear has totally eliminated all the bad yeast that caused me so much discomfort and irritation. And while it killed the villains, it nurtured the good yeast in my body by maintaining its alkaline and pH levels – which were severely disrupted after taking antibiotics. Not only was my pH balance disrupted, but also my life in the most literal sense of the word — because as the bad bacteria thrived, so did my discomfort.

What Caused the Problem

This discomfort was caused by a particular yeast called Candida, which is both helpful and harmful to the body. Just the right amount of Candida in our body is good, but let it grow and you’re in for a terrible experience. Aside from the itchiness, it can also cause nausea and vomiting.

I acquired this general information after desiring to put a name to the discomfort I was experiencing at the time. Having had my share of disappointing results from various yeast infection solutions, I decided to look into it more deeply. And my web wanderings led me to YeastClear.

Researching the Product Before Purchasing

When I first read about YeastClear on the company’s website, I was quite impressed by the information that I found:

  • A precise explanation of what a yeast infection is and what causes it.
  • The ingredients that were blended together in each capsule of YeastClear.
  • That YeastClear is manufactured in an FDA-approved laboratory, a fact that is quite assuring because it gives you the knowledge that what you are taking is of the highest quality.

And as I continued to do my research about YeastClear I found out that it contains four strains of probiotics, which are very helpful in battling the overgrowth of the bad yeast. It also contains ingredients that promote a healthy environment in which the good yeast can thrive. So once I became convinced of its efficacy, I purchased YeastClear.

What Happened After It Arrived

I was glad that I trusted my gut feeling, which said to give YeastClear a chance despite repeated failures battling yeast infections in the past. After taking YeastClear for a few days, I felt that my condition was making some progress. I became less nauseous and the was itchyless often. Now I am yeast-infection-free.

And what was good with YeastClear was that after using it for an even more prolonged time, in order to be sure that my yeast infection was gone, I experience any kinds of side effects – which normally happens if one uses a certain type of drug or supplement for a long period of time.

NaxSmash is Healthy Again

Now, I’m back to my lively and healthy self, thanks to YeastClear. With my alkaline and pH levels restored, I can feel the difference every single day. I am enjoying each of these days with YeastClear as my faithful and able partner against fungi and yeast infections.


Don’t Have Time for Exercise? Try This!

Health is one of the most important aspects in our lives. It keeps us well-rounded and active enough to pursue our daily endeavours. Health enables us to handle the demands of our daily activities and it allows us to maintain a good way of living day by day.

Everybody knows the importance of exercising in maintaining optimum health. But in today’s busy world, the problem for everyone is the lack of time. Everybody wants to exercise, but they do not have the time for it. In this article, you will find some useful and practical tips for exercising even when you don’t have time -

1. Get up early in the morning because waking up early in the morning will help you in getting some time for exercising. It will boost your day and kick it off with a good workout routine.

2. Always try taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Using the stairs instead of elevators will certainly help in maintaining your health as it keeps your system active and improves your blood circulation.

3. Walk. Whatever you do, whether you are talking over the phone of doing some brainstorming – let your body move around as much as your brain is working. This will keep your entire system working and your blood circulation pumping well.

4. Avoid procrastination. Do you know what the biggest problem of avoiding exercise is? It is your habit of making excuses. So avoid excuse and exercise when you have spare time.

5. Yoga is the best exercise and you can take deep breathes while you are sitting in your office. Breathing is a good exercise and you can do it anywhere while you are sitting or watching TV.

6. Last but not least is to make a schedule of daily routine activities so that you can get some extra time for exercise. Keeping your stuffs and schedules organized will help you get enough time for important things a exercise.